Electric transfer stretcher (for export sales only)

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Electric transfer stretcher (for export sales only)(图1)
1. The bed surface is integrally blow-molded with PP engineering plastics, equipped with a "cardiopulmonary resuscitation position" quick release handle;
2. Guardrail: Two-piece concealable plastic guardrail, imported PP engineering plastics,
3. Electric lifting system
4. Integral blow molding PP engineering plastic bottom cover, and there is an oxygen cylinder storage base.
5. Casters: 8-inch diameter central control casters; single wheel load ≥ 80KG;
6. Brake system: One-leg central control brake, one-leg brake four-wheel positioning, the whole is stable and no shaking.
7. Equipped with 2CM thick full foam mattress, outsourcing high-grade waterproof cloth, soft and easy to clean
8. The bed is equipped with a binding strap for the patient to prevent the patient from restlessness; the binding strap can be removed for cleaning.
9. The front and back of the bed are equipped with handles to facilitate the transportation of patients; the four corners of the bed are equipped with anti-collision devices to protect the vehicle from damage.
10. The middle guide wheel design, flexible transfer, reduces the work intensity of medical staff.
11. Adopt free assembly line spraying equipment, the Dutch Aksu antibacterial powder spraying process;