Transfer stretcher Z7 (luxury hydraulic)

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Transfer stretcher Z7 (luxury hydraulic)(图1)
1. The bed frame adopts a ladder frame structure,
2. The bed surface is a combination of three folds and four pieces, and the back of the bed adopts a high-grade electro-optical board, which is X-ray transparent, and is equipped with a "cardiopulmonary resuscitation position" quick release handle;
3. The crank is made of pure ABS engineering plastics by injection molding, and the crank is concealed and foldable.
4. The screw has a two-way in-position protection function; it adopts a "two-way in-position without limit protection" screw system with an ABS dust cover.
5. 1 drip holder socket at the head and bottom of the bed, equipped with ABS engineering plastic inner core, equipped with four drainage bag hooks;
6. Stainless steel two-stage four-jaw drip holder, 19mm in diameter, strong and durable;
7 Brand new integrally reinforced dump-type folding aluminum alloy (stainless steel) guardrail, thickened aviation zinc-aluminum alloy switch and guardrail upper seat;
8. Hydraulic lifting system: special hydraulic pump is used, and the long-term load has no obvious sinking.
9. Integral blow molding PP engineering plastic bottom cover, and there is an oxygen cylinder storage base.
10. Casters: 8-inch diameter central control casters, single wheel load ≥80KG;
11. Brake system: one-leg central control brake,--foot brake four-wheel positioning,
12. Equipped with 5CM thick foam mattress, outsourcing high-grade PU waterproof cloth, soft and easy to clean.
13. The design of the middle guide wheel enables flexible transfer and reduces the work intensity of medical staff.