Transfer stretcher Z6 (luxury hydraulic)

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Transfer stretcher Z6 (luxury hydraulic)(图1)
1. The bed frame adopts a ladder frame structure,
2. The bed surface is a combination of three folds and four pieces, and the back of the bed adopts high-grade electro-optical panels, which can be X-ray transparent, and is equipped with a "cardiopulmonary resuscitation position" quick release handle;
3. The crank is made of pure ABS engineering plastics by injection molding, and the crank is concealed and foldable.
4. The screw has the function of two-way in-position protection; it adopts the "two-way in-position without limit protection" screw system, and the back solenoid has a built-in copper nut and an ABS dust cover.
5. 1 drip holder socket at the head and bottom of the bed, equipped with ABS engineering plastic inner core to prevent the drip holder from damage and reduce noise; four drainage bag hooks are also equipped;
6. Stainless steel two-stage four-jaw drip holder, 19mm in diameter, strong and durable;
7. Mattress anti-slip ribs at the end of the bed-one to prevent the mattress from sliding back and forth when the bed board is raised and lowered;
8. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the guardrail is 10KG, and the T-shaped concave groove on the guardrail can prevent the guide tube from sliding. The guardrail has double insurance and can be operated without slipping.
9. Hydraulic lifting system: special hydraulic pump is used, and the long-term load has no obvious sinking. The hydraulic pedal is flexible and no noise.
10. Integral blow molding PP engineering plastic bottom cover, and there is an oxygen cylinder storage base.
11. Casters: 8-inch diameter central control casters, silent and wear-resistant; single wheel load ≥80KG;
12. Braking system: One-foot brake with four-wheel positioning, with pedals at both ends, brakes can be fixed when stepping on the pedal bed.
13. Equipped with 5CM thick high-density foam mattress, outsourcing high-grade PU waterproof cloth, soft and easy to clean.
14. The front and back of the bed are equipped with handles to facilitate the transportation of patients; the four corners of the bed are equipped with anti-collision devices to protect the vehicle from damage.
15. The design of the middle guide wheel makes the transfer flexible and reduces the work intensity of the medical staff.
16. Welding process: Welding by imported robot welder, with large penetration depth, high welding wire melting rate, flat, firm and strong welding seam.