Mingtai ZZ7 luxury stretcher

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Mingtai ZZ7 luxury stretcher(图1)
The stretcher adopts high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, which are more balanced and reliable during the movement of the car surface
Snap-in connection device, the docking performance reaches the same level, and the frame slides smoothly
Scientifically proportioned guardrail, safer and stronger
Pneumatic design for back adjustment, can be positioned at will and is very safe
Patented design bed board interactive link assembly device
Imported ultra-quiet special universal wheel
The base cast iron is formed by die-casting, with high strength, which can greatly maintain the stability of the entire stretcher
Guiding auxiliary caster device, one person can easily operate
Precision die stamping of the lifting mechanism of the rotating bracket, tightly combined and not deformed
The frame sliding can be automatically locked, and is equipped with a safety devic