Infant bed XS3

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Infant bed XS3(图1)
Infant bed XS3(图2)
1. The biggest advantage of this infant bed: it can be raised and lowered and can be tilted, which is very practical for babies to spit or overflow milk. It is easy to move indoors without noise. Transparent baby basin, you can observe the baby 360 degrees.
2. The transparent baby basin allows adults to observe the baby's condition in real time, which is convenient for mother-to-child communication.
3. The baby basin is made of food-grade materials, which can be used for the production of tableware, milk bottles, and infusion bags. It is pure aluminum alloy column.
4. The groove design of the chassis cover can hold toiletries.
5. Color type: pink, green.
6. Transparent plastic basin, easy to observe; with high foam foam mattress, waterproof cloth cover.
7. Pneumatic lifting height is adjustable.
8. The casters are polyurethane luxury mute wheels, stable and no noise.