Manual children's bed RT3 (barrier type)

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Manual childrens bed RT3 (barrier type)(图1)
1. In order to reflect the excellent performance of product manufacturing, provide the large-scale equipment (imported automatic welding robot, large-scale laser cutting machine, vertical processing center) manufacturer's purchase contract copies and physical photos of the equipment required for the manufacture of electric hospital beds.
2. It is stamped from high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, with high strength, and the four corners are large rounded corners, and the smooth transition will not hide dirt.
3. The full-cover aluminum alloy guardrail is safe and reliable. The guardrail column gap is less than 60mm. There are 2 switches on the left and right sides to prevent children from misoperation. The guardrail is equipped with three levels of height adjustment, and the upper and lower adjustments are assisted by dampers. The operation is easy and free. Warm, soft and natural.
4. Four 5-inch silent threaded wheels, dust-proof, anti-winding, and reliable braking.
5. Two sundries trays and a shoe basin rack are placed under it, which is convenient for patients to use.
6. The headboard is made of environmentally-friendly PP engineering plastics, which is made by one-time injection molding. It is firmly installed and printed with a cartoon bear pattern. The humanized design and the color can be adjusted according to the customer.
7. Foldable telescopic crank, user-friendly design, holding the crank without slipping or pinching, 45# high-precision screw, low noise, two-way protection in place, long service life, easy operation.
8. There is 1 infusion rod on the head of the bed and the foot frame of the bed, which does not occupy space, and a mosquito net frame is optional.