Manual pediatric bed RT5 (new)

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Manual pediatric bed RT5 (new)(图1)
1. One infusion stand: made of stainless steel, and the telescopic rod is stainless steel. Adjustable height.
2. The manufacturer has obtained dual certificates of national and municipal high-tech enterprises.
3. Provide a copy of the purchase contract of a large-scale equipment manufacturer and the physical photos of the equipment required for the manufacture of electric hospital beds.
4. Welding process: Welding reinforcement treatment of imported robot welder ensures safe and reliable hospital beds.
5. A mattress anti-slip rib is set at the end of the bed to prevent the mattress from sliding back and forth when the bed board is raised and lowered.
6. Hand crank operation to raise the back, raise the legs, and centrally control the brake.
7.Bed frame: double-layer parallel and stable structure, using cold-rolled carbon steel square tube.
8. Head and foot boards: PP head and foot boards are used. It can be quickly locked and easily disassembled, and it is not easy to tilt.
9. Hospital bed board with four-fold load-bearing structure.
10. New integrally reinforced full-covering guardrail,> 20 guardrail pillars, small gap, 360 full-enclosure protection.
11. The 5-inch central control casters are hard and light; the four-leg brake is stable and reliable; the built-in fully enclosed self-lubricating bearings are waterproof, silent and wear-resistant.
12. High-quality cold-rolled steel plate. The bed surface is three-folded in four groups, and the cold-rolled steel plate adopts an integrated forming process.
13. The back slab adopts a double-supporting and unloading structure, which effectively transfers two-thirds of the bearing of the slab to the bed beam.
14. Metal surface treatment: Adopt swimming immersion pretreatment process; then go through 180° high temperature firm, double coating coating technology process.
15. Screw and rocker: dust-proof design, durable and not easy to wear, rocker engineering plastic injection molding, foldable hidden design.
16. The central control brake pedals and brakes with one foot.
17. Equipped with six drip holder sockets, steel plate molding, no worry of rupture; four bow | flow bag hooks, multi-position infusion drainage.