Manual Children's Bed RT2 (Deluxe)

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Manual Childrens Bed RT2 (Deluxe)(图1)
1. The product has passed the EU CE certification.
2. Bed frame: The bed frame adopts the national standard square tube. The connection of each part of the bed body is designed according to human mechanics. The position of the fulcrum is accurate, the welding is firm, the linkage device of each part is free to move, no noise, with a debris rack. The surface of the bed body is treated with anti-rust and is made by electrostatic spraying with Akzo Nobel imported antibacterial powder.
3. Bed plate: The cold-rolled steel plate of Anshan Iron and Steel is used for one-time molding. It has a porous design, which is convenient for ventilation and has a high bearing capacity of the whole bed. The bed board connector adopts high-strength and high-quality metal connection, which is solid, wear-resistant, and easy to disassemble and disinfect.
4. Rocker: built-in crank handle, high-strength ABS material injection molding screw rod, built-in diameter steel core using machine one-time cold extrusion molding, sturdy and durable, hidden design, firm and flexible, no noise, easy operation , It can flexibly adjust the patient's back and leg position up and down, and has a protection function in place.
5. Guardrail: All-alloy aluminum guardrail, with gas spring assisted inside, moves up and down, and three gears are set to facilitate nursing.
6. The head of the bed is made of high-quality carbon steel pipe, treated with rust prevention, and sprayed with Akzo Nobel's imported antibacterial powder electrostatically, and the center is inlaid with ABS decorative panels. There are four infusion rod sockets on the bedside column.
7. Equipped with φ125 silent casters and four-angle brakes, it is easy to fix or push the bed.