Manual children's bed RT1 (304 stainless steel)

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Manual childrens bed RT1 (304 stainless steel)(图1)
1. In order to reflect the excellent performance of product manufacturing, provide the large-scale equipment (imported automatic welding robot, large-scale laser cutting machine, vertical processing center) manufacturer's purchase contract copies and physical photos of the equipment required for the manufacture of electric hospital beds.
2. The head and foot of the stainless steel bed are curved, and there is a patient information card slot on the outside of the foot.
3. Stainless steel lifting type full guardrail, lifting and adjusting freely, easy to operate.
4. Antistatic sprayed steel bed frame, high-quality steel bed board, made by cutting, welding, polishing, pickling and phosphating, electrostatic powder spraying, and high temperature drying.
5. The four wheels adopt braking device, which is flexible to move, easy to move and indoor cleaning. Strong and durable, beautiful and generous.
6.The I-shaped reinforced cross brace at the bottom of the bed leg makes the bed more firm.
7. Shaking hand: ABS handle, hidden design, no noise, flexible adjustment of the back lift. The transmission part adopts double-wire extruded screw rod, and is equipped with a bipolar limit trip protection device.
8. Equipped with stainless steel glove box, stainless steel shelf, table board, 10 cm mattress.