GKS4 Two-rocker orthopedic manual hospital bed

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GKS4 Two-rocker orthopedic manual hospital bed(图1)
1. The standard bed mattress with the EU CE certification is 8cm thick. (Provide documents and materials from an authority)
2. Universal wheels, using high-quality silent universal wheels, independent positioning function, four-corner brake function, built-in double bearings, wear-resistant, silent, anti-winding, reliable braking. It is resistant to acid and alkali and can be sterilized at high temperature.
3. The manufacturer has obtained the national high-tech enterprise certificate. (Provide a copy of the certificate with the official seal of the manufacturer, the original is available for reference)
4. In order to reflect the excellent performance of product manufacturing, provide the large-scale equipment (imported automatic welding robot, large-scale laser cutting machine, vertical processing center) manufacturers' purchase invoice copies and physical photos of the equipment required to manufacture electric hospital beds.
5. The side guardrail is made of aluminum alloy foldable guardrail, high-quality electrophoretic aluminum alloy beams, surface hardening treatment, six stainless steel columns, and the stainless steel columns are connected by hollow rivets, making it easy to fold.
6. The frame of the bed surface adopts: 80*60*1.1mm carbon steel square tube, and the bed surface adopts: integral punching surface.
7. The bed board with four times the load-bearing structure. (Provide certification materials from authoritative institutions)
8. The rocker adopts self-limiting trapezoidal screw, linear thrust, and ABS plastic dust cover
9. The stainless steel gantry column adopts: φ32X1.2mm stainless steel round pipe, and the beam adopts: φ32X1.2mm stainless steel round pipe.
10. The pull ring on the traction frame is made of adjustable ABS material, which is safe and reliable, has no peculiar smell, and has no side effects on the human body;