M7 intelligent model ICU electric hospital bed

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M7 intelligent model ICU electric hospital bed(图1)

Electrophoresis + powder double spraying ensures that paint is also protected inside the pipe wall, to ensure consistent quality inside and outside the product.

Configure electric + manual CPR function; guardrail angle display function; configure environmentally friendly and efficient lithium battery

It adopts chain high quality medical motor, VO grade fireproof material, smooth surface, easy to clean and maintain. Low noise and long life

M7 electric care bed has such functions follows: whole bed body lifts up and down with balance, bed body slants up and down from front to rear, backside lifts up and down, leg bends and extends, leg lifts up and down, etc. By adjusting the bed body’s lifting, users enables the bed to meet different nursing requirements; by adjusting the backside and leg users make himself, herself sitting or lying comfortably to feel relax and ease


M7 intelligent model ICU electric hospital bed(图2)