Double screen film view lamp X6

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Double screen film view lamp X6(图1)

1, The observation screen using Japanese acrylic board, light stronger, more soft, not easy to turn yellow and deformation, can be used for a long time.
2, Use equidistant lattice direct LED light source layout, more uniform light, uniformity> 90%
3, Light source loss less, the maximum brightness> 4000cd / m2; color temperature> 8000K, partial cold, not dazzling, more suitable for reading.
4, Using the world's most advanced LCD display LED backlight technology. LED light source life can be up to 100,000 hours.

  Mingtai two screen film lamp

Model  X6 series LED view film lamp
View the film area (inches)  28 × 17
Dimensions (mm) 850 × 510 × 45
Light source with LED, life> 100,000 hours
Color temperature > 9600K
Brightness view screen center brightness> 4500cd / ㎡
Uniformity > 90%
Dimming method  using micro-switch digital dimming method
Lit way Each can be independent light and independent dimming, when overall light, there is no shadow between each. With film sensor that plug in the light on, pull off the film off
Power supply installation Built-in power, turn off the switch that disconnect the entire device power
Clip elastic silicone
Thickness  <50mm
Accessories (optional) with desktop mounting bracket
Power  110V-240V / 50HZ
Supply Power  ≤ 50W