S20 European style guardrail full fowler manual hospital bed

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S20 European style guardrail full fowler manual hospital bed(图1)
1. Hospital bed board with four-fold load-bearing structure. (Provide certification materials from authoritative institutions)
2. Head and foot board: One-time injection molding of ABS engineering plastic, smooth and easy to clean; the color of the middle decorative panel is optional.
3. The bed surface is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, which is formed by one-step punching with hydraulic press die. Reinforcing ribs are welded around the bed surface to increase bearing capacity. Two reinforcement belts are welded on the back and leg bed boards to ensure the service life.
4. The bed frame is made of high-quality carbon steel rectangular profiles.
5. The handle adopts a hidden design, which can be folded and hidden under the foot of the bed. The telescopic rocker is made of ABS material, steel universal joint, and the lead screw is formed by 45# steel double wire extrusion, with interference protection, two-way limit function, flexible shaking, no noise. With ABS dust cover. To ensure the stability of the transmission system, the tie rod support shaft and tie rod are made of high-strength pipes to ensure that they will not break.
6. Guardrail: equipped with 4 European-style luxury full ABS guardrails, hidden underneath, not occupying space, can be easily unscrewed when not in use, firm, reliable and durable; guardrail switch with anti-pinching function, and with anti-pinching tips.
7. The head and tail of the bed can be easily disassembled and have a locking device. The outside of the bed can be equipped with a head card.
8. The bed is reserved for infusion stand sockets, with steel casing inlaid to ensure that it will never break.
9. Surface treatment of carbon steel: The powder has passed SGS test.
10. Central control movable casters: The casters adopt luxurious silent central control casters, and the four wheels adopt 125mm diameter wheels. By operating the central control terminal, the four wheels of the hospital bed can brake at the same time. The casters are inlaid with double bearings, wear-resistant, silent, anti-winding, reliable braking, acid and alkali resistant, and high temperature sterilization. The core material of the caster is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, which has high strength and corrosion resistance. The outer caster is made of polyether PU material, which is silent, shock-absorbing, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The rotating part adopts precision bearing set, which can rotate flexibly and stably.
11. The head of the bed has a snap-type advanced locking device (providing certification materials from authoritative institutions). The detachable head and footboard can be easily disassembled for rescue, special care and safe transportation of patients in an emergency. (Provide documents and materials from authoritative institutions)
12. The bed has an advanced rotating bracket lifting structure device to ensure smooth lifting and no shaking. (Provide documents and materials from authoritative institutions)