Mingtai—S2 aluminum alloy guardrail double rocker hospital

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Mingtai—S2 aluminum alloy guardrail double rocker hospital(图1)
1. The handle adopts a hidden design, which can be folded and hidden under the foot of the bed. The telescopic rocker is made of ABS material, steel universal joint, and the lead screw is made of 45# steel double wire extrusion molding, with interference protection, two-way limit function, flexible shaking, no noise. With ABS dust cover to ensure that it will not break.
2. Guardrail: tilting folding guardrail, high-quality electrophoretic aluminum alloy beams, surface hardening treatment, six stainless steel columns, the upper and lower bases are steel structures, and the stainless steel columns are connected by hollow rivets, which makes it easy to fold. The guardrail switch is equipped with an anti-pinch function and a reminder of the anti-pinch.
3. There are four drip holder sockets at the four corners of the bed, which is convenient for infusion of different body positions.
4. Bed surface: slatted surface
5. The metal surface adopts its own spraying line, which is treated by electrophoresis electrostatic spraying, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, mildew, and fading. The paint powder adopts high-quality paint powder with a thickness of more than 70μm. It is anti-scratch, anti-rust, anti-acid and alkali, corrosion-resistant, and has an adhesion level of--, which better protects the health of patients.
6. Equipped with ABS head and foot board, with fire-proof decorative and beautifying board in the middle; the head of the bed has a snap-type advanced locking device (provided authoritative institution certification materials), which can be quickly disassembled, and it can be easily disassembled for rescue, special care and safe transportation in emergency patient.
7. The casters are made of high-quality domestic casters, fully enclosed self-lubricating bearings, no need to add oil and care, quiet and wear-resistant, no noise, acid and alkali resistance, easy maintenance, diagonal brake function.