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Carbon fiber operating table

Mingtai MT6800 high-grade multifunction 

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Table board size: 2400*535±50mm

Height: 700-1030±50mm

Top slip scope: 300±50mm

Forward/backward tilt: 32°/30°

Lateral tilt: 30°

Back rest: +75°/-25°

Leg rest: -95°

Head board: +90°/-90°

Power: AC220V 50Hz

Input power: 500VA


MT6800 surgical table is an all-electric operating bed with a new quality and functionality level, large height adjusting scope can offer right height for surgeon no matter standing or sitting. The different combination of 4 modules suit for patient position, and modular design and top slip function make imaging much better


Special advantage


1. Imported overall set of Germany electric hydraulic system and Korean Pohang stainless steel

2. Advanced import supporting accessories (optional imported carbon fiber orthopedic traction frame, imported carbon fiber head frame, imported carbon fiber spine support frame)

3. Imported carbon fiber table board, ensure good X-ray penetration

4. 550mm table width to ensure the patient's comfort and safety

5. Memory mattress reduce the patient's skin pressure

6. Front-mounted electric brake system; a key reset lock; a key position function

7. Adjustment range

300mm top slip scope support good condition for C arm imaging

Electronic waist bridge adjust 130mm, this function is optional function

Max lateral tilt is +/-28°

8. Low position function:

MT6800 series support low position function, convenient for ophthalmology, neurosurgery, surgeon can operate in sitting position

9. Superior loading weight:

MT6800 series loading weight can reach 300kg, all the functions are meet the load bearing condition, especially for gastric banding patient, high safety and stability

10. High-quality manufacturing process and materials

This table is made of high strength nickel chrome stainless steel, and produced with advanced laser cutting and welding process. Surface special treatment, easy to pull hair, with a strong metal texture

11. Four electric control modes to choose

Wired remote control, infrared wireless remote control (optional), bed standby control panel, foot switch control panel

12. Electric brake function:

Four locking devices fixed when brake, compensate the height level, improving surgical table stability, easier and simple operation

13. The automatic travel function operated by the remote control will reduce the nurse’s difficulty when moving surgical table / patient. Another low wheel can guarantee straight. Built-in automatic walking function can be easily moved or located through the controller, the gentle action ensure patient’s safety, this function is optional

14. Ability to position:

Abundant accessories provide convenience for patient’s position, accessories type coves specialist surgery such as heart or neurosurgery, and other common general surgery

15. System security:

Function operation is crash protection

Equipped with controller and spare controller, hydraulic brake and spare foot brake;

Long time battery

LED lights indicate operating bed status.

16. Humanized detail design:

All joints are covered to ensure the patient's comfort, and to avoid possible surgical burns, improve safety.  

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