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Carbon fiber operating table

Mingtai series image film table

,Carbon fiber operati,Products,MINGTAI山东铭泰医疗设备集团有限公司...
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Length: 2100mm

Width: 500mm

Back and forth move: 400mm

Left and right move: 220mm

Lowest height: 700mm

Customized length and width

Customized move scope


Main feature:


Mingtai MT2100 electronic image film comprehensive surgical table use modern technology and humanized design, electromechanical transmission technology, meeting the surgery image and diagnosis requirement, fully and high-definition angiography on human body parts by various of brand C arm, X ray machine, angiography for patient’s heart, peripheral blood vessels, nerve vessels, interventional radiography, also can meet head, neck, chest and abdominal cavity, perineal, limb surgery and gynecology surgery requirement. Table can horizontal move and vertically move, max the space under table open, non-stop, no perspective blind, meet a variety of surgical needs. Patient can be systemic X-ray perspective without moving patient, meet the 3D image acquisition requirements

Table board: using carbon fiber material, low X-ray absorption coefficient, high-definition perspective imaging results, greatly reducing the X-ray radiation damage to patients and staff. Equipped with built-in emergency power supply, can be used after power failure 

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