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Gynecological operating table

Mingtai MT1800 (baby friendly model) gynecology operating ta

Gynecological operatProductsMINGTAI山东铭泰医疗设备集团有限公司...
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Technology parameters:


 Length 1900±50mm
 Width  620mm
 Height  (700~950) ±50mm
 Forward/backward tilt  ≥ 10°/25°
 Back rest  ≥ 75°
 Auxiliary bed length / Width  600*600mm
 Power  220V 50Hz



Main Feature

1. All follow the principle of ergonomic design, the whole device adopts low-voltage dc motor drive, the safe and stable performance, the electric motor drive system: adopt domestic high-quality brand motor, through the CE certification, make the machine to achieve low noise, high safety and reliability

2. This series operation table's whole body up and down, front and rear's slants, back side up and down, seat board's up and down adopts imported electric hydraulic pressure transmission method. handled by hand press control, it is very convent and flexible.

3. The lathe bed is made of high quality stainless steel enclosures, surface polishing treatment, shock, prevent scratch resistance, wear resistance, resistant to disinfection, easy to clean. Fully meet the bed table disinfection after the operation.

4. The graceful and provide excellent resistance to impact and stability, easy to clean and disinfect, thin shape design.

5. Electric operating table stainless steel lathe bed cover and accessories are all use SUS# 304 stainless steel, avoid the long-term use of rust.

6. Leg frame: locking fixed directly on the lathe bed, guarantee the stability of solid. With gear structure, can tilt Angle.

7. Movable auxiliary units: mesa size: 650 * 600 mm, does not occupy a space, lifting and moving up and down are extremely convenient, and can satisfy the suture the placement of equipment, and support physicians improve the clinical stability of the elbow. Slide design reasonable position, avoid babies, it is very convenient to install and use.

8 Main up and down stand column: German design, bearing with a safety factor of four times, square column lifts up and down, Eight fixed fasteners, ensure the weighing steady

9. Bed sets of brake, brake in place right in the middle of the head of a bed, foot brake, once locked, change the position of bed units won't appear, four point landing mode, to ensure the stability and security of bed in the operation station.

10. Bed surface modeling designed based on human functional, beautiful novel; All mattress used by synthetic leather polyurethane foam molding, easy cleaning and maintenance, good antifouling performance and durability.

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