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Gynecological operating table

Mingtai MT1800 (intelligent model) multi

,Gynecological operat,Products,MINGTAI山东铭泰医疗设备集团有限公司...
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Technology parameters:

 Bed frame length and width 2350*940mm
 Bed board length and width 1950*880mm
 Height  540-890 (without mattress)
 Back rest  ≥65°
 Leg rest  ≥12°
 Bed backward tilt  ≥8°
 Leg board height adjustment  ≥110mm
 Feet board extend  ≥50°
 Feet board up  ≥75°
 Guiderail height adjustment  360mm
 Castor diameter  150mm
 Power  AC220V 50Hz
 Input power  500VA

Main Feature

LDR delivery room is the British style which make Labor, Delivery, Recovery in one set. Decorated like home, complete medical equipment and life equipment, serviced by the same team from admit to the hospital to leave the hospital. Finish the delivery at same cozy house, accompanied by the family, and private house. All of this can let the mother to be eliminate the nervous and fear.

1. Motive power and control system adopt imported safety electric pressure motor, it has the character of UPS, Reliable, easy to handle, accompanied family and nurse also can operate. This obstetric bed is equipped with sound, can adjust the emotion of the maternity
2. The head board and around guardrail is a high-strength plastic molding, the surface is very beautiful and generous, detachable and hidden

3. The whole bed can up and down ;back board fold and foot board up and down is controlled by electric motor; sit board fold; adopt aero elastic structure ,angle can be optional within the adjustable range and good for delivery smoothly. The leg board can be detached, there is dirt basin under the bed board. The leg board on two sides, hidden handrail used together, it is easy to delivery. The whole bed cushion can be detached, easy for cleaning.

4. The whole bed structure is closed, dust proof; easy for cleaning, truckle use wheel control ,it is very steady.

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