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Orthopedics comprehensive operating table

Mingtai MT3080 (intelligent model) electric hydraulic orthop

Orthopedics compreheProductsMINGTAI山东铭泰医疗设备集团有限公司...
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Technical parameters


Length 2100mm±50mm
Width 520mm
Lowest and highest table height (680-1030) ± 50mm
Forward/Backward tilt ≥32°
Longitudinal motion 350±50mm
Left/right tilt ≥25°
Head board up/down ≥90°
Waist board lifting   ≥100mm
Leg board down ≥90°
Leg board evagination ≥90°
Leg board up ≥15°
Back board up ≥82°, down: ≥42°
FLEX/CHAIR 240°/120°
Power AC 220V 50Hz
Input power 500VA
Customizable the table width (480-560mm optional
Customizable the table lowest 500-750mm optional
Customizable the table  lifting height 200-500mm optional
Customizable waist board lifting   80-150mm optional
Each position angle, can increase or decrease degree separately according to customer’s actual need. The cost of customized parameters should be charged separately.

Main feature
The streamlined, C - shaped arm of the carbon bed can be shot from the initial position of the X - arm to the rear of the leg plate, which can increase the shooting range of the C arm.
The design of the auxiliary controller of the table, which provides a double insurance for the operation bed.
German brands of hydraulic system with low noise, strong power, providing a superior positioning accuracy, control flexibility and running smooth.
Imported brands of batteries durable, full power to meet the use of 80-120sets operation table , even forget to pull the plug, has been in charge of the battery will not damage.
Imported brands of switching power supply, low noise, superior performance, provide a constant working voltage and security over current protection.
Easily slider universal casters,provides flexible mobility.
Memory foam mattress does not contain latex components and make the patients more comfortable, safety, greatly to prevent postoperative bedsore occurred, ultrasonic seamless welding technology makes the mattress air permeability, waterproof, anti-static, easy to clean;
The table can be customized for Double-deck through X-ray bed, let the cassette can be placed in the patient's head, foot or body on either side, achieve comprehensive projection angle.
Imported Korea stainless steel T type base for surgery doctor, nurse stations, while the smooth bevel edge bending easy to clean, but also to avoid the scratch the medical staff, optional embedded base or glass steel other material base.
It provides overload protection to motor, battery, battery valve,avoid dangerous hidden trouble.The protector will automatically pop up when overload, this time the machine stops running and solves the security problems, the bed body can work when you re- press into the protector.
Patented lifting column technology, patented head plate holding hoop structure design,patented brake design and many other advanced technology application, guarantee the product's stability. The base of operating table has a fixed or mobile function, mobile flexible, fixed reliable. Machine design in line with national medical electrical safety standards,with a variety of functions of 304 stainless steel manufacturing accessories, in order to suit the needs of different surgery.
The table can be upgraded and equipped with the same brand hanging orthopedics traction

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