Mingtai Brand

Mingtai Brand

Mingtai Group as a continuous innovation group, like the logo colorful flowers, burst out of the vigorous, dazzling light.
The logo center is the Mingtai’s core - innovation and customers. Innovation is the soul and development core. Customer is Mingtai's God, is the core of Mingtai business.
Logo combination of eight-color petals, is our struggle goal.
Logo is warm tone, meaning the Mingtai Group life and technology warmth.
Our brand characteristics
We adhere that customer is first, deeply understanding customer needs and actively matching customer, continuously enhance customer experience and satisfaction, achieving long-term cooperation and win-win situation.
Struggle to forge ahead
We are proactive, collective struggle, efficient implementation, continuous improvement and improvement with critical idea.
We insight into and grasp the industry trends, continuous innovation according to customer demand, building a strong technical strength, continue to creating value for customers by leading products and services.
We manage and operate locally all over the world, actively integrate into local communities and culture, develop local talent and business partners, and provide the best products and services for local customers.
Open cooperation
We listen to internal and external suggestions carefully, sharing knowledge and ideas proactively, building harmonious industrial environment by extensive cooperation, create and share value with the entire industry and stakeholders.
We abide by our commitment to our customers, our partners and our society, respect fair and impartial business practices, ensure stable and safe operation, and take on corporate social responsibility, wining customers and the public ‘s trust.
Shandong Mingtai Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd. has advanced production equipment to produce fine products.

Imported welding robots: reduce manual labor intensity, improve work safety and efficiency, improve welding quality.

Laser cutting machine: automatic laser cutting, high precision products, high speed and stable production efficiency.

Imported CNC machining center: used for the production of finishing parts required by medical pendants, bridge pendants, shadowless lamps, operating beds, electric medical beds and other products. No manned operation, three-axis linkage, automatic tool change machining, high production accuracy, small differences between batches.

Precision CNC lathe: mainly used for the production of key components "spindle" used by medical pendant, surgical lamps and other products, high-precision digital control, high precision machining parts, reliable and durable.