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Operating light common faults and emergency measures

作者:admin  发布时间:2017-05-02
1. Main bulb does not light, auxiliary bulb light
EL series and ZF series operating light has automatic switching function, when the main bulb damaged, the auxiliary bulb will be light to ensure the normal operation. The main bulb should be changed after surgery

2. Operating light does not light
Open the top cover, check whether the fuse is fused, whether the supply voltage is normal, if both are no problem, please find professional to repair

3. The transformer is damaged
There are two main reasons cause transformer damage, power supply voltage problems and large current caused by circuit short, the latter should be repaired by professionals.

4. Fuse is often damaged
Check whether the lamp is configured as the specified power rating specified in the manual. Configuring excessive power will cause exceed current, and cause the fuse to be damaged. Check whether the power supply voltage is normal.

5. Disinfection handle deformation
EL series operating light disinfection handle can use high pressure disinfection (please refer to the instructions), but when disinfection the handle can not be heavy, otherwise it will cause handle deformation.

6. Operating light turn the angle, the light does not shine
This is mainly because the sensor which are at both ends of the hanging arm, after long time using, it will have a bad contact phenomenon, this situation should be repaired by professional maintenance personnel.

7. Operating light shift
For large operating light, such as ZF900, after long time using, due to heavy light head weight, it need greater friction to locate, will have shift, you can tighten the upper positioning screw to increase the friction method solve

8. Hole operating light brightness darkened
Reflective glass bowl of cold light hole operating light is coating technology. General domestic coating technology can only guarantee two years life, after two years the coating layer will have problems, reflective darkening, blistering, etc., so encounter this situation need to exchange reflective bowl.

9. Emergency lights
Use emergency lights, regardless of the use or non-use, customers must ensure that charge the battery one time 3 months, otherwise the battery will be damaged.
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