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How should hospitals accurately choose electric bed supplier

作者:admin  发布时间:2017-05-03
It is well know that hospital has many supplier, relevant departments have many sales in and our every day. Many hospitals will find suppliers from those sales, it has lots of benefits, not only saving searching product time for hospital, but also saving bargain for hospital, because those concentrated supplier will have price war. But there is a problem in this way, you may get the best price, but not necessarily the best products.

So as hospital, you’d better see the manufacturer yourself, understanding the product situation and price from manufacturer. Since you want to buy high-grade medical bed, then firstly the material will be higher than normal bed. As manufacturer, they will choose different raw material based on different grade. As hospital procurement you can visit those selected targets, after the high-grade medical bed is much more expensive than normal bed, you should be careful when choice it.

So what should be noticed when purchase high-grade medical bed? Besides the raw material, the production process also is one of the problems which can not be ignored. After all products produced by hand-made workshop and by mechanized production line are not the same. It is necessary to field trips for hospital, just listening to those suppliers in office is not enough. Not only the production process, as high-grade  medical bed, it appearance also is very important, it requires that buyer should have certain aesthetic vision, in particular, you can purchase products according to your decorate style, products integrate with indoor environment, improving hospital’s total level, then the choice of purpose high-grade medical beds also reached.
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