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How to choose operating light?

作者:admin  发布时间:2017-06-09
Light source: now there are 2 light source: LED and halogen. Halogen operating light characteristic is that its lifetime is short compared with LED operating light, should to change bulb, higher radiation (heat), more brands, lower price; LED characteristic is that its lifetime is long, lower radiation (heat), there are several LED bulb in one LED light head, one or two bulb failure will not affect normal usage, there are internal or Chinese brands, price will be much higher compared with halogen operating light.
Generally, operating light has 2 structures: single dome and double dome operating light. For double dome operating light, sometimes the 2 light heads size are the same, sometimes are not, one big and another small, light head diameters are different. Generally speaking, the bigger one will have much better shadowless condition. Light head have hole type operating light and overall reflection type operating light, because of the OR laminar flow requirement, overall reflection type operating light is much popular now.
From the installation, there are ceiling, mobile and wall mounted operating light.
Operating light main parameters are illuminance, color temp, CRI, diameter of spot, light depth, temp rise, etc. About the mechanical aspects there are rotation angle, light head vertical movement distance and light head balance; If considering energy conservation, it should refer to products power consumption. In face those formal companies will show those parameters in product manual, such as Shandong Mingtai Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd.
Besides, the operating light weight also should be considered, because of the capital construction, product manual also will note the requirement of foundation bearing.
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