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Electric operating table daily maintenance

作者:admin  发布时间:2017-12-13
Operating table is the necessary equipment for operating room, and it is important helper for doctor, it not only can place patient calmly, but also can change position according to need. As medical equipment it loss speed will be increased if ignore daily maintenance. Shandong Mingtai Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd glad to introduce it to you.
Operating table work principle: adopt electric hydraulic system, control system includes control switch, speed control valve, solenoid valve, it support hydraulic power source by electric hydraulic gear pump, controlling the reciprocating motion of each bi-directional hydraulic cylinder and change the position by pressing button, such as height adjustment, forward/backward tilt, back rest, longitudinal motion, achieving surgery requirement.
Normal maintenance and precautions:
(1). In the long-term usage, the most important thing is to keep the operating table clean. Power off after surgery, washing operating table surface to remove blood stains and dirt. Disinfectant syrup can be used, avoid using strong corrosive, acidic detergent or disinfectant, also prohibited the use of water rinse. When flushing the ground, push the operating table to dry place to prevent internal dampness.
(2). Check the tank frequently, lower the bed to the lowest position to see the remaining amount of hydraulic oil in the tank, when less than 3/4 should be added to 3/4 (if marked in accordance with the label), and change oil every two years.

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