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Operating light development trend

作者:admin  发布时间:2017-12-22
Operating light is one of the most import medical equipment in operating room, the shadowless lighting requirement can be achieved with it, helping doctors distinguish the lesion tissue clearly. Now most hospitals use halogen operating light, in recent years the major operating light manufacturers introduce their new LED operating light products in major medical equipment exhibitions at home and abroad, including Medica in Germany (Dusseldorf) and Beijing International Medical Equipment Exhibition (China Med), halogen operating light almost impossible to find the scene figure, it is trend that LED operating light replace halogen operating light.
Compared with halogen operating light, LED operating light use new technology, it is accompanied by the continuous maturity of LED technology, now LED chip design and packaging technology can fully meet the operating light illumination and color rendering index requirements, and LED with those advantage of long lifetime, environmental protection and low energy consumption, meeting the hospital's overall green lighting requirements, besides, the spectral distribution of the LED light source also determines that it is well-suited as a light source for operating light.
1. Long lifetime
Halogen operating light average lifetime is 1000 hours, while the more expensive metal halide lamp life is only about 3000 hours, those makes overall reflection operating light bulb should be changed as consumable items. LED light average lifetime is more than 20000 hours, it can work 8 years without any problem even if it works 10 hours every day.
2. Environmental protection
Mercury is a highly polluting heavy metal, in a variety of halogen bulbs and metal halide bulbs, mercury content range from a few milligrams to tens of milligrams, and it is short lifetime, after a certain period of time, a large amount of medical waste products that may cause serious pollution to the environment will be generated, which brings more troubles to the post-processing of the hospital. The materials that make up LED bulbs include solid-state semiconductors, epoxies, and small amounts of metal, all of which are non-toxic and non-polluting materials that can be recycled after their long life. Compared with halogen operating light, LED operating light will undoubtedly become the new choice.
At present, the superiority of LED operating light made by Shandong Mingtai Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd is gradually understood and accepted by hospital, with low cost, reducing the trouble of changing bulb every 1 to 2 months. It features are as below:
1. Excellent cold light effect
Adopt new LED light source as surgery lighting, there is almost no temperature increase in surgery head and surgery field.
2. Good light quality
White LED is different from ordinary operating light source, can increase the color difference between blood and other tissues of human body, which makes the doctor's vision more clearly.
3. Stepless light brightness adjustment
Steplessly adjust light brightness by digital means, operator can adjust brightness freely according to their need, achieving the most ideal comfort, so after long working hours surgeon eye is not easy to produce fatigue.
4. No flicker
LED operating light is DC power supply, no flicker, not easy to make the eyes feel tired, it will not produce harmonic interference to other equipment in the working area.
5. Uniform illumination
Use special optical system, 360 ° uniform illumination on the observed object, no ghost, high definition.
6. Long lifetime
LED operating light lifetime is much longer than ring energy-saving lamps, it lifetime is more than ten times the energy-saving lamps.
7. Energy saving and environmental protection
LED has high luminous efficiency, impact resistance, not broken, no mercury pollution, and its light does not contain infrared and ultraviolet radiation pollution.

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