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How to make medical pendant more durable?

作者:admin  发布时间:2017-12-25
In medical industry, medical pendant brings much convenient for medical staff, and brings strong medical protection for patients, but its maintenance can not be ignored, all the parts are very import. So how to maintain medical pendant?
1. The application of the various components on the device should be strictly required, if the performance can not meet requirement, it should be scrapped in time, avoiding affect equipment’s normal work.
2. The stress components in the equipment are the key maintenance parts, the metal fatigue level should be understood, whether there is crack on the welds, and whether there are problems about the structure. When some problems happened on the force part welds and the weld heat affected area, measure should be taken out to solve it.
For detailed inspect step, below steps can be referred:
After using medical pendant 80H, it should be inspected timely. Every connecting parts’ solid situation should be checked when changing operator, if some parts are loose, tight it. If there is some abnormal sound, check it immediately, and take notes at the same time.
Using medical pendant correctly, and paying attention to its maintenance, or solving problems in time when it occurred, to avoid problem expansion, those will improve medical pendant’s lifetime effectively.

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