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How to achieve intelligent control of electric hospital bed?

作者:admin  发布时间:2017-12-27
As medical device, electric hospital bed allows patients to rest and recuperate, the comfortable and convenience brought by scientific design have played an important role in the rehabilitation of patients. In order to facilitate the control system to control the electric hospital bed intelligently, knowing the hospital bed’s current working condition in time, it is necessary to install some sensors on hospital bed. The control system can understand in real time, control the movement state of the bed panel with date transmitted back through sensor to prevent interference from different institutions or unnecessary harm caused by overshoot of linear motor to bed and personnel. The sensor mainly adopts position sensor, including limit switch and proximity switch. The entire hospital bed contains a number of institutions that are structurally independent with each other, each of which corresponds to more than one degree of freedom, these institutions form a multi-open chain system under the unified control of the overall control system, completing different position adjustment through the movement of various bed panels. Therefore, the control system is a very important part for hospital bed, it is closely related with hospital bed’s structural design and motor selection. Before the control system is finalized, structural design, kinematics and dynamics of the hospital bed must be completed.
Hospital bed position is controlled by a single-chip control system, monitor the entire hospital bed system, including receiving keyboard and sensor position signals inputs, and motor control signals outputs.

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