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Electric hydraulic operating table common fault solution

作者:admin  发布时间:2018-01-03
Electric operating table is very popular now, and it utilization rate in major hospitals is also very high, although operating table design life is very long, however, due to improper operation during normal use, or without regular maintenance, over time there will be some problems, such as the operating table will incline when use it, or automatic fall. Shandong Mingtai Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd glad to tell you how to resolve it.
Firstly determine whether the solenoid valve failure, 2 ways: 1. use three-meter measuring resistance; 2. put metal on it to see whether there is suction. If the solenoid valve pull action is normal, the obstruction of the oil will also cause above problems.
Secondly determine whether the compression pump failure. First check whether there is voltage on compression pump, use three-meter measuring resistance, if the above are normal is generally commutation capacitor failure.
There is action in one side, no action in another side. Unilateral non-operational failure is generally caused by electromagnetic reversing valve. Electromagnetic reversing valve fault may be caused by bad control circuit, also may be reversing valve mechanical stuck. The specific inspection method is check whether there is voltage on reversing valve, if there is voltage then open reversing valve to clean it. Due to long-term use, if there is a little impurity on the movable shaft of the valve, the shaft will be burnt, which will cause the operation table move in only one direction.
Operating table will be automatically lowered down slowly. This situation is much more occurred in mechanical operating table, mainly because of pump failure. Small impurities may remain in the inlet valve after few years’ usage, resulting in minor leakage. The solution is to open the lift pump and clean it with gasoline, in particular, to check the inlet valve.

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