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Mingtai medical bridge pendant mainly components

作者:admin  发布时间:2018-01-05
Medical bridge pendant is suitable for ICU room, it is necessary medical rescue auxiliary equipment in modern ICU room, Shandong Mingtai medical bridge pendant mainly consists of bridge, dry part and wet part, it feature is reasonable wet and dry separation structure. Wet part configure flexible IV pole, dry part equips with adjustable instrument platform, wet and dry parts are separately equipped with oxygen, air, suction, power, network terminal and IV pole. Wet and dry parts use cantilever structure, improve the treatment space, rotation part prevent drift with auto brake. The middle of the bridge is equipped with a rotatable lift lighting treatment lamp. The main material use high-strength special aluminum profiles and stainless steel, surface treatment use imported raw materials. When cleaning medical bridge pendant, cutting off power and gas source should be paid attention to, and using surface disinfectant.

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