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Operating light judging criteria

作者:admin  发布时间:2018-01-08
We can find operating light in big or small operating room, when we choose operating light, what is the judging criteria? Shandong Mingtai Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd glad to explain it to you.
Firstly we should consider the illuminance depth. Generally speaking, the more light heads or larger light head diameter, the better illuminance depth, suitable for deep surgery.
Second is illuminance and color temperature. LED operating light illuminance can reach 160,000 Lux, which is similar with sunlight, the actual use of illuminance is generally 40,000-100,000 Lux, which is most suitable for doctor, if it is too bright, it will affect eyesight. For color temperature, operating light with adjustable color temperature is the best, 3600K-5600K is the best effect.
Third, whether the design of suppression of electromagnetic interference is used? Suppression of electromagnetic interference design can avoid interference with other equipment in operating room.
Forth, we should check joints and arm stable and flexible. In order to facilitate that the surgery can be lighted in all position, we hope the operating light has much more joints, and the joints has greater rotation angle. Generally good quality operating light has 6 joints, and every joint rotation angle is more than 300 degree, all 360 degree are the best.
Fifth, we should know whether the light bulb is perfect cold light source. Due to the sensitivity of temperature to infection, it is usually required that the temperature of the surgery field should be lower than 2 degrees Celsius. The temperature also has great impact for light electronics, circuits, lamp life. Statistics show that the vast majority of operating light life is related to temperature.
Finally we also should note products’ cost performance. Mingtai always provide first class products with high cost performance. Compared with other brand, with the same quality, our price is much reasonable.

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