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Multifunction hospital bed usage note point

作者:admin  发布时间:2018-01-12
1. Check hospital bed’s power cord damage situation, it may be crushed, cut or worn. Don’t place furniture (such as rocking chair) on the wire.
2. Prohibit items which may conduct electricity such as clothing, sheets, blankets, books, metal objects touching the power outlet on the wall.
3. Do not cover items such as bedding on the power cord, it may cause fire because of too high temperature.
4. Do not use extension cords, which may cause a fire. If you must use the extension cord or power cord, professional inspectors should check it then you can use it.
5. Outlet should also be checked to make sure it works safety, pin (blade) should be tight. Power socket should be closed fit with the power cord. Plugs, sockets and siding should not be broken.

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