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2017 CMEF, Mingtai is coming

作者:admin  发布时间:2017-05-09

2017 CMEF (Spring) is held in National Convention and Convention Center (Shanghai), the medical industry giants and well-known brands will be gathered here. Mingtai booth No. is 2H03 in operation room and the first aid exhibition area. Our booth style is minimal but not simplify, to meet the emotional and rational space environment needs, thus highlighting our products’ elegance and luxury, largely enhance the overall image of enterprises and brands.
This time we will show our new products, not only enriched the existing product chain, but also greatly enhance our products’ comprehensive competitiveness, new products, and unique workmanship.
This time, all company staff offer advice and suggestions actively, every departments cooperate actively. We believe that under the wise leadership, under the tireless efforts, Mingtai will be a new high! Continue to glory!

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