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Halogen operating lamp

Mingtai ZF700/500 imported configuration model halogen opera

Halogen operating lampProductsMINGTAI山东铭泰医疗设备集团有限公司...
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Technical parameters:


 Technical parameters  MINGTAI ZF700  MINGTAI ZF500
 Illuminance (lux)  30,000-180,000  30,000-130,000
 Color Temperature (Kelvin)  4,300±50  4,300±50
 Lighting Spot Size (mm)  100-360  100-360
 Illumination depth (mm)  ≥1200  ≥1200
 Light Note depth (mm) (L1+L2)  ≥1500  ≥1500
 Radiant power/intensity Ee/Ec(mw/㎡lux)  3.8  3.8
 Brightness control range        16-steps continuous light adjustment  16-steps continuous light adjustment
 Temp rise (Surgeon head) (℃)  ≤2  ≤2
 Temp rise (surgical field) (℃) 7 7
 Main & spare bulb switch  automatic switching  automatic switching
 Power of bulb(V.HZ)  ~220V/50HZ  ~220V/50HZ
 Input power(W)  400  400
 Bulb type  halogen  halogen
 Bulb lifetime  over 1500h  over 1500h
 Lowest installation height (mm)  2400  2400


Special advantage


1. Light head integrated surrounded 2 group handle design, meeting laminar flow requirements, easy to operate

2. Variety of Surgical environment lighting mode: LED endoscopic lighting mode (optional)

3. Satlite oval hanging main arm, meet laminar flow requirement

4. Double control system (optional), Li battery (optional), electric focus adjustment system (optional)

5. Base configuration: Germany imported balance arm system, Germany imported commutator, Germany imported bulb and socket, imported transparent mask glass, imported aluminum reflectors, electrode oxidation process, imported hexagonal filter, Taiwan power system 

Product feature:

1. Full close streamline light body design completely meets the operation room’s requirement of sterilization and high standard of laminar flow

2. Use Satlite oval swing pipe design, can install 4 arms in complex operating room, also can be reserved per hospital’s request, convenient to upgrade and provide perfect solution for the increasing multi-media request of hospital


3. Use six prism filter technology, thermal radiation filter efficiency ≥ 99%,optical radiation ≤3.8w/m²lux, heat-protecting glass have cupric ion with high efficient filtering

4. Use six prism filter technology, thermal radiation filter efficiency ≥ 99%,optical radiation ≤3.8w/m²lux, heat-protecting glass have cupric ion with high efficient filtering

5. With advanced double control system, when the control panel failure, lamp head install an emergency switch, in order to ensure the normal use of surgical light.

6. With spare bulb automatically switch function, when the main bulb was burnout, spare bulb will be lighted within 0.1 second. Imported lamp and lamp-socket. Soft start, bulb life ≥1500 H, easy to change parts


7. Adjusting focus system has a delicate structure and easy to change bulb and the ceramic lamp socket without any tools; Detached handle cover can take high temperature (≤ 140 ℃) sterilization treatment

8. Lamp panel radius of gyration: ≥182cm, the lamp can be pulled near to vertical floor, convenient for any height, angle and position illumination, adjust easy and flexible, specific damping design ensure the accurate position and stability

9. Balance arm use Germany ONDAL arm, more than 5 group universal joints, every cantilever have three 360° and two 180 rotation joints. The light head can be rotated 360° unlimited around small C arm. Equipped with fatigue correcting unit and fix position hand handle device, easy to fix position after long time using

10. Light head has at least two ABS handle and central operation handle. Adopt restrain electromagnetic wave interference design, avoid disturb with the other equipments in operating


11. It can upgrade to LED lights only by changing lamp head. One set LED light around central operation handle is optional, LED light can be opened individually. Endoscopic surgery back light function is optional

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