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Multi-parameter monitor

Mingtai VM8000 operation room monitor

Multi-parameter monitorProducts...
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Main feature:

1. Spo2  Pitch  Tone  Variation; 
2. Hemodynamic  Calculations;
3. Waveforms are user selectable;
4. Standby mode for energy saving and suspend monitoring;
5. Separated parameter board: main, ECG, SPO2, NIBP board are independent;
6. Display:15" color TFT screen, high resolution: 1024×769 dpi;       
7. Time delay: Time delay switch-off function to save data when monitor turn off suddenly;       
8. Fanless: Use special fanless cooling technology in the device to provide users quiet environment;     
9. Language: Built-in 8 language for choose (English, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Italian);
10. Advance patient Manage: gender, full name, ID no., room no., bed no.,  weight,height, blood type, paced or not, remakes;

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