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Multi-parameter monitor

Mingtai VM7000 ICU monitor

Multi-parameter monitorProducts...
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Main feature:

12.1-inch color LCD display, high resolution 800 × 600 dpi;

Standard parameters: ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, respiration rate, body temperature, heart rate

Discrete parameter modules: ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure;

22 kinds of heart rate abnormal waveform automatic analysis function, frozen state, can be ST segment manual analysis;

Classic blood oxygen temperature algorithm to ensure that special monitoring object data accuracy;

Oxygen smart tone modulation, through the heartbeat sound tone changes to determine the high oxygen saturation

Low change, so that medical staff from the hearing to obtain the patient vital signs information;

Blood pressure double overvoltage protection, temperature drift control and other technologies to ensure patient safety;

Drug concentration calculation, titration table

Rich and friendly interface display, standard interface, large font, breathing oxygen map, trend coexistence,

7 lead ECG waveforms display in phase

Standby function, temporarily stop all monitoring operations, save all settings and patient data;

Full Chinese language interface; friendly operating system, convenient operation of the patient information entry/delete/save;

Parameter color adjustment function, health care workers can customize the background, waveform, font color;

International standards, sound and light dual three alarm, more secure and more professional, anti-defibrillation, electric knife, power grid, EMG interference;

Large capacity built-in battery, dual battery 4 hours continuous work, can be directly external plug, easy to operate, easy maintenance, improve the host security;

AC power indicator, working status indicator, real-time detection of electricity;

Battery low battery alarm, the key moment will not lose data;

Support power-down storage function, to ensure the safety and integrity of patient data storage;

Trend: 1000 hours trend information storage, review function;

Storage: NIBP: 1000 group; alarm: 200 groups; holographic waveform: 1 hour;

TCP / IP central networking function, built-in thermal array recorder, three tracing waveform

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