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Mingtai MAST-A pulsating vacuum steriliz

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MAST-A pulsating vacuum sterilizer is high temperature sterilization products researched and developed according to CSSD newest requirement, designed according to industry specifications and product standards, in accordance with GB150-2011 and “Standard Practice for Safety Technical Supervision of Fixed Pressure Vessels”, GB8599-2008 large steam sterilizers technical requirements.

If used for lab, please customize 316 inner shell configuration


  Strict and standard manufacture process for product main body

MAST-A pulse vacuum sterilizer is welded by welding robot to guarantee the normalization and uniformity of the main body manufacture.

●  No welding part on chamber wall

MAST-A pulse vacuum sterilizer has none welding part or bolt in the chamber which effectively protects the parcels to be sterilized. The chamber silicon rubber pad which is used to protect the chamber inner wall extends service life.

●  Reliable and durable main body

The main body of MAST-A pulse vacuum sterilizer is designed according to professional analytical method. The modern high-emulation software ANSYS is used for main body model simulation design. Design service life: 10 years (or 20000 times sterilization).

●  Reasonable sealing structure

MAST-A pulse vacuum sterilizer adopts durable circular hollow sealing ring which is drives by compressed air.

●  Intelligent pressure controller between the chamber and jacket

MAST-A pulse vacuum sterilizer adopts intelligent pressure controller to guarantee steam pressure and quality.

●  Unique vacuum noise-reduction device

MAST-A series sterilizer equipped with LNS low-noise and water-saving vacuum system to reduce the operation noise.

●  Humanized operation system

To meet user’s need on unloading side, MAST-A pulse vacuum sterilizer adopts double-screen structure. Both loading and unloading sides have a screen to display sterilizer running status and alarming information.

●  Reasonable pipeline layout that realizes single-side repair

MAST-A pulse vacuum sterilizer pipeline realizes single-side repair so that the sterilizer can be installed against the wall. Also, two sterilizers can use same repair space to save installation space.

●  Multiple sterilizing programs

Compare with traditional sterilizer, MAST-A series sterilizer adding several sterilization, test procedures, such as PCD, rapid, rubber and heavy load, etc.

Scientific and reasonable parameters design, equipment covering all over the world.




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Design temperature



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Working temperature



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