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Air disinfection equipment

AD3000 (vertical Type) air disinfector

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1.    Can do dynamic disinfection to the air in the case of someone indoor. 

2.    Use long-life high-performance non-ozone UV germicidal lamp.

3.    Set disinfection, dust removal, to smell, clean air and other functions in one. 

4.    Release of high concentrations of negative ions, clean air, and promote the body's metabolism.

5.    The special low noise centrifugal fan, big circulating air volume, high efficiency, with high, medium and low three wind speed selection. 

6.    The use of microcomputer automatic control can be realized reservation startup, shutdown function, with fault alarm function, the domestic first 6-24 period timing control, and fully meet hospital needs. Some products are for the high-end Chinese LCD display, beautiful and nice. 

7.    Ultraviolet irradiance real-time dynamic display, real-time dynamic display each lamp’s UV irradiance inside the machine. 

8.    With far infrared remote control, the negative oxygen ions clean air, cumulative time to maintenance alarm automatically, cumulative time to maintain filter alarm, indicating negative ions normal work, ultraviolet germicidal lamp fault alarm automatically, washing indicator lamp function.

9. Strong activated carbon adsorption of organic gases and odors.


Application scope

Hospital: operating room, delivery room, baby room, premature children room, supply room sterile area, burn ward, ICU and so on.


Pharmaceutical factory: sterile rooms, laboratories.


Food and beverage factory: production workshop, packaging workshop, sterile room.

Public places: meeting rooms, hotels, entertainment venues, office. 

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