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Air disinfection equipment

AD600 (basic model) air disinfector

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Using the circulating air ultraviolet disinfection principle, combined with air filter equipment to get the fresh air, achieving the goal of indoor air continuous disinfection and changing air


Fresh Air Volume

The circular air can reach 2000m3/h for I, II-III and IV operating room, keeping indoor air cleanliness


Product Function & Feature


1.      Purification effect

The 100,000 class enclosed room which area is 150m3 can reach 10,000 class after purification

2.      Disinfection effect

Sterilizing rate for staphylococcus albus (8032) ≥ 99.90%; For natural bacteria in air ≥ 90%

3.      Three level filtration, dedusting and degerming

Under the action of centrifuge machine, indoor air are inhaled into cabinet fan via primary/middle efficiency filter, and then put into plenum chamber through air hose, finally flow out from high efficiency filter, spreading in the room. The indoor air can reach 10,000 class cleanliness after many times recircle filter’s process

4.      Ultraviolet sterilization

Mingtai medical air disinfector has a low ozone ultraviolet sterilizer in the plenum chamber, the intensity of UV radiation is above 500uw/cm3, can effectively killed the microorganism which are in plenum chamber wall board and high efficiency filter surface

5.      Reliable performance

This equipment use physical disinfection method, no harmful gas and substance when working

6.      Easy to use

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