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Cleaning and disinfection equi

Mingtai FLOW-M automatic soft endoscopic

,Cleaning and disinfection equipment,Products,MINGTAI山东铭泰医疗设备集团有限公司...
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It is a kind of washer-disinfector specially designed to sterilize soft endoscopes, complying with ISO 15883-1/2/4.




Endoscope Protecting Design


Leakage & Block Detecting Function

Leakage and block detected before washing endoscopes, visual and phonic alarms will occur and the program will automatically be ended when it is detected that endoscope leakage amount surpasses the permitted set value, protecting endoscopes.


Self-disinfecting Function

It equips with sterile grade filter, filter cleaning water, to prevent filter long-term use, the contaminants deposition causes secondary contamination of the water, equipment can be complete disinfected on the filter, pipe and cabin


High efficiency

Equipment can complete a program within 15min, two endoscopic cleaning and disinfection, improving the efficiency of endoscopic turnover;


Large load

The device can simultaneously handle two endoscopes, or four tray surgical instruments;



The device uses spray cleaning, can handle other types of surgical instruments, can use high temperature sterilization, and have dry function


Thorough washing and disinfecting

All-round washing: Based on mature spray cleaning technology, endoscopic inner and outer surface can be washed all-round;

Special booster pump: Separate endoscope lumen booster pump, used for endoscope lumen washing;

Sterile water rinse: Sterile water, preventing endoscope from secondary pollution after sterilizing;

Dry function: Optional air and alcohol drying 

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