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Cleaning and disinfection equi

Mingtai Rider automatic soft endoscopic&

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It is a kind of washer-disinfector specially designed to sterilize soft endoscopes, complying with ISO 15883-4.


Endoscope Protecting Design

Leakage Detecting Function

Leakage detection is finished before the endoscope comes into contact with the liquid in the washer-disinfector, and it is continuous. Visual and phonic alarms will occur and the program will automatically be ended when it is detected that endoscope leakage amount surpasses the permitted set value.


Self-disinfecting Function

An independent self-disinfection program can be run in the process of maintenance and repairs and after use, by which washing grooves and tubes can be thoroughly disinfected, including the 0.1 um filter. Thus the washer-disinfector itself will not become a polluter


Process Tracing System

Process data printing

The printer prints the process data of cleaning and disinfecting of each endoscope time-reasonably, satisfying the recording and archiving needs of the operators.


Process data management

The information of the endoscope and the operator can be collected. Together with the process data of the endoscope washing and disinfecting, they are connected with the user’s management computer system by network. So the information synchronization management of the patients and the endoscope can be easily realized.


100% Washing and Disinfecting

Washing and disinfecting of all positions and all pipes

There are rotating nozzles and rotating spraying arms inside the washing groove, and they can wash and disinfect the endoscope surface in all positions. And meanwhile the circulating water continuously flushes, cleans and disinfects all the inner pipelines of the endoscope.


Booster pump of the endoscope lumen

There are booster pumps of the endoscope lumen which can thoroughly flush the tiny lumens, like air/water injecting and the live checking terminal, reducing the forming probability of bacterial bio-membranes.


Sterile water rinsing

After sterilizing, sterile water, which has been filtered by a 0.2μm filter, is used in rinsing. So the sterilized endoscope won’t be contaminated by unclean rinsing water.


Drying function

Optional between air and alcohol drying, and the outer surface inner pipes of the endoscope can be dried.  

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