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Electric hospital bed

Mingtai M3 series high grade multif

,Electric hospital bed,Products,MINGTAI山东铭泰医疗设备集团有限公司...
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Technology parameter:

Size: 2130*980*450-720mm

Back rest: 0-85°

Leg rest: 0-45°

Height adjustment: 450-720mm


Bed stead is made of carbon steel metal, baking varnish baking varnish method used to antirust, advanced antibiosis powder coated

Detachable bedside and tailstock also can be used as CPR

Imported chained motor, VO level fireproof material is very smooth ,it is easy for clean. The motor’s noise is very low and lifetime is long.

One control handle, two al-alloy handrails


Configuration: 5 inch luxury central control castor, aluminum alloy fence, three motors, IV pole

Optional configuration: mattress; bedside table; mobile dining table; 


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