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A brief introduction to the range of use of the operating be

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The operating bed has a very wide range of uses and applications in daily medical activities. Therefore, the full understanding of the equipment is relatively important and valued by the majority of medical personnel. Here are some simple introductions for everyone to understand.
The operation bed is one of the basic medical devices for surgical treatment. Classification is mainly divided into portable operating tables, hydraulic operating tables and electric operating tables. The portable operating bed is generally made of sheet steel, section steel or other materials, and is mainly composed of a bed frame and a bed surface. The structure of the portable operating bed is simple and light, suitable for general surgery, examination and other surgical operations. It can be folded or disassembled when not in use, easy to load and transport, and can be used in simple operating room, tent, surgical cabin, and private room; Other special occasions, such as field and field treatment, also can be used. Compared with the traditional operating bed, its main features are foldable, small size, light weight and convenient to carry.