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What aspects should we pay attention to in order to better e

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The operating bed is an important medical device in the operating room of the hospital, so the medical institution pays more attention to the installation and use of the operating table. It is very important to fully guarantee the performance of the equipment during daily use.
Use weak glass cleaner which contains surfactant and phosphorus salt to clean and disinfect the operating bed and accessories.
Do not operate the hydraulic motor continuously for more than 5 minutes to avoid malfunction.
Try to unify the manufacturer when purchasing to reduce the confusion of use and management. At the same time, the accessories of the same manufacturer can also be used universally to avoid repeated purchases and waste of resources.
Do a good job of parts management. When not in use, place them on a special shelf in an orderly manner and check them regularly to prevent loss and damage.
Master the use and installation methods of the different components of the electric surgery table.