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What do you need to pay attention to when using a surgical b

TIME:11-09-2021    HITS:

For medical institutions, the operating bed is an indispensable important equipment in medical activities. Therefore, medical personnel pay more attention to the safe use of the device. Here are some precautions for use.

  1. Press the power switch on the hand controller to enter the operational preparation phase.
  2. Start and release the base brake correctly. Press the brake assist plate to move or fix the operating table.
  3. Prevent displacement: The electric operating bed is not locked and fixed after the base brake is opened. At this time, operating the operating table or transferring the patient, the operating bed can be displaced, thereby causing the patient to fall into the bed. Therefore, the operating bed must be locked after the adjustment operation is completed.
  4. Prevent pinching or crushing: Do not place your foot under the base when releasing the base brake.
  5. Prevent tripping: Place the wires in an appropriate position to avoid tripping when walking.
  6. Prevent electric shock: Do not operate or repair the operating table when the electrical access cover or control components are removed.
  7. Prevent burns: When using an electric knife, prevent the patient's skin from touching the metal parts of the operating bed to avoid burns.