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What are the characteristics of medical multifunctional beds

TIME:11-09-2021    HITS:

The multi-functional medical beds has effectively solved various problems such as personal cleaning and self-activity training for patients. However, in order to better use the medical multi-functional bed, you need to have a full understanding of it.
The medical bed can help the patient to get up. Through the double-folded stainless steel barrier and the mobile table, the patient can get up between 0-75 degrees, so that the patient can stay in a sitting position, and he or she can complete the basic needs of reading, writing, drinking, and so on.
The medical multifunctional bed can realize the lower leg according to the needs of the patient, and can solve the difficulty of the patient to wash the foot. With the function of getting up, the patient can achieve a normal sitting posture, making the patient feel relaxed and comfortable.
When the patient turns over, the patient can make the bionic sideways to the left or right due to the movement of the bed surface in different directions. During the turning process, the patient's blood can be improved by continuously changing and adjusting the center of gravity of the patient's body, improving the force position of the circulation and the muscles of the back and buttocks, so that the back muscles and bones of the patient are fully rested, can effectively prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.