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What are the main production and processing technical requir

TIME:11-09-2021    HITS:

Fully guarantee that the production and processing of the operating table meets the actual technical operation requirements is very important for the surgery table manufacturers. Here is a brief introduction to the main production and processing technical requirements of the operating bed, to facilitate everyone's understanding.
Most of the electric operating beds use hydraulic cylinders or gas spring cylinders. The bed base is T-shaped to ensure enough stability and space, so that the medical staff is closer to the patient. The operating bed should have very good mobility, with a four-wheel landing design and easy to move.
The bearings are sealed and waterproof, easy to clean, and the water, blood and suture heads in the operation will never be wrapped in the bearings. Forward/backward tilt and lateral tilt can be got by press the head handle to get the clinically need position. Both the leg plate and the back plate joint have gas spring cylinder support structure, which makes various adjustments soft, silent, and vibration-free, and at the same time effectively protects the joint structure and prevents the patient from falling.