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What are the main components of electric operating table?

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Mingtai electric operating table is composed of table top board, main body, electric control and accessories. The operating table top board is composed of head plate, back plate, seat plate and leg plate. This design not only achieves separate operation of the operation table, such as height adjustment, lateral tilt, forward/backward tilt, head plate, back plate, waist bridge and leg plate adjustment, and the operation position can be adjusted by changing the table.
The electro-hydraulic drive is controlled by a wired hand-press controller, infrared remote control, foot controller and auxiliary controller. The hand press controller is divided into wired type and rechargeable infrared remote control type. According to ergonomic design, it is completely sealed and durable, which can avoid corrosion and fall damage in the operating room environment. Not only can display the battery strength, but also one-handed operation. Combined with foot controller, it is convenient for the operator to directly adjust the surgical position; The operating table auxiliary controller is an independent emergency control panel, which can be activated when the remote control fails to adjust various positions.

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