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Technical requirements for the production of operating table

TIME:18-10-2021    HITS:

According to the individual characteristics of Chinese people, China has formulated the following standards and regulations regarding the operating table medical device industry.
The operating table has a length of 2 m and a width of 0.48 m, forward and backward tilt is not less than 25 °, lateral tilt is not less than 20 °, head board up fold is not less than 30 °, and not less than 45 ° for down fold, no less than 80 ° of fold on the back board. The upper folds of the back plate should not be greater than 90 °, and the lower folds should be no greater than 160 °. The rise of the waist bridge is not less than 0.12 m.
At the same time, the industry standard also requires that the operating table adopt  double-leg plate structure as much as possible. The legs can be rotated outward in the same plane. After the rotation, the angle between the inside of the two legs is not less than 180 °, all adjustments are stepless.

Technical requirements for the production of operating table(图1)