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What are the types and specifications of multifunctional nur

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With the continuous progress of technology, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to their health problems. The multifunctional bed is convenient to use and complete in function, which can effectively improve the quality of life of the patient and also facilitate the care of the patient. As a result, multifunctional beds have become the first choice of many hospitals.
Multifunctional beds can be divided into three categories: electric, manual and ordinary beds.
Electric multifunctional beds use imported motors, which can be divided into five-function electric nursing beds, four-function electric beds, three-function electric beds, and two-function electric nursing beds. The main features of this electric nursing bed are the motor, process design and luxury configuration equipment. Such as European-style guardrail, aluminum alloy guardrail, operation remote control, central control caster, etc., this multifunctional nursing bed is generally suitable for intensive care units.
The hand-cranked multifunctional nursing bed is determined by the number of cranks, and can generally be divided into three cranks nursing beds, two cranks beds and single crank beds. The main feature of this kind of bed is the crank device and different accessories can be configured, which is generally suitable for each department in the hospital inpatient department.
Ordinary beds are straight beds / flat beds, which can include beds such as simple hand-cranked beds, which are generally applicable to various hospitals and clinics.

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