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The main advantages of electro-hydraulic operating tables

TIME:19-10-2021    HITS:

As a new type of equipment product, Mingtai electro-hydraulic operating table has relatively outstanding advantages, so it can get the favor and attention of consumers. The scope of application of the product equipment is continuously expanding and improving, and the advantages of the product are more valued by everyone.
The electro-hydraulic surgical bed products adopt microcomputer control and advanced electro-hydraulic transmission technology, replacing the traditional electric push rod transmission technology, making the posture more accurate, the application speed more uniform and stable; The main parts of the hydraulic system in the electro-hydraulic operating table equipment are imported components, which are more reliable and durable. The mattresses of the products use the technology of medical polyurethane one-time forming, all of which have the characteristics of insulation, flame resistance and waterproof. Meet safety standards, the surface is seamless, antibacterial and easy to clean; The electro-hydraulic operating table is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel.

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